So I’ve realised it takes a village to build you up and make you feel confident but it’s often just the one person that can bring that confidence crashing down! And that’s just sad…

What the tens, hundreds or millions say about you can be shattered by one thoughtless comment or one mean remark. It’s like that little devil inside of us barely needs a drop of water to take on a monstrous form and take us over completely.

And that’s why the trolls succeed so much. I used to visit a client ever so often and despite me being at my best; I’d watch how every compliment would be followed by a quick jibe, a passing thoughtless remark or just something plain mean. I noticed it a few times but I think it really came to a head when my team asked me what was wrong with them? I honestly didn’t know. Every time they made a comment it hurt but I tried to push it aside as much as I could and eventually knew when the comment would come , so played a song in my head to dull their words!

But then the husband came up with an insightful reason (no I wasn’t bribed to compliment him :)) they did this.He said that often people chose to use hurtful words to cover up what was happening in their lives. When they chose to criticise how I looked or that I spoke with an accent- it was often a reflection of them not being happy with what they looked like or how they spoke. And when I started really listening to what they were saying I saw all their deep rooted personal issues- marriage problems, body image issues, blatant racism and insecurities. And now I have realised that perhaps that’s the way to deal with trolls.

Everyone is on a journey. When they lash out, it’s more about what’s happening with them not with you. And when you re-teach yourself to think like that the hurt is less and you too are equally careful about how you speak.

P.s. (Palat says)-: Every person I meet I try and learn something from… even the worst people you meet have something they can teach you. Learn.

2 Comments on “Why does it Hurt so bad?

  1. :

    ✨ ll ॐ सरस्वति नमो नमः ll ✨


    Pauranic Sanskrit Shloka ✍
    From Hito padesha 👌


    vidya dadati …

    WORLD’S BEST DIDI … 💐👑💂‍♂


    विद्या ददाति विनयं विनयाद्याति पात्रताम् ।
    पात्रत्वाद्धनमाप्नोति धनाद्धर्मं ततः सुखम् ॥ ५ ॥


    vidya dadati vinayam,
    vinaya dadati patratam ।
    patratva dhanam aapnoti,
    tat dhanam tat sukham ॥ 5 ॥


    🎍 M E A N I N G 🎍


    (true/complete) knowledge gives discipline, 🌿
    from discipline comes worthiness, 🌿
    from worthiness one gets wealth, 🌿
    from wealth (one does) good deeds, 🌿
    from that (comes) limitless blessed true happiness 🌳


    ☀ ll ॐ सरस्वति नमो नमः ll ☀

    ☀ ll ॐ सरस्वति नमो नमः ll ☀

    🌼 OF 🌼
    🌼 ALWAYS 🌼

    ☀ ll ॐ सरस्वति नमो नमः ll ☀



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