Yesterday’s blasts were a familiar reminder of the tears and horror that Mumbai is systematically put through almost as a sad reminder every 2/ 3 years! We call the city, ‘Ma’ (mother) and ‘Devi’ (Goddess) and yet we allow terror to rape her heartlessly and brutally repeatedly again and again and again!!!!

And sure the ‘ SPIRIT’ of Mumbai will return. people will go back to work, because we still have to earn. Schools will re-open cos children still have to learn and politicians will express outrage because they STILL have to be voted in to power! For how long????!!! Why must we continually hide behind the shield of the ‘ SPIRIT OF MUMBAI?’ How long must we abuse this spirit, must we debase and defile this spirit before WE AS A CITY FINALLY FEEL WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEMAND ANSWERS!!!!!


No other city continuously allows herself to be ravaged over and over again without someone at the top taking charge, taking a stance and making a difference!

1300 registered rape cases in Maharashtra in the last 3 months, 1 broad daylight killing and 3 BOMB BLASTS- what more do we need to show up the ineffectuality of the current government and police system!!!???

THERE IS NO POINT OF CANDLELIGHT MARCHES and VIGILS. Those that have left us- our prayers and outrage cannot help them now.

What we can do is demand justice, demand a change and instead of allowing terrorists to celebrate Ajmal Kasab’s birthday yesterday with bomb blasts- finally lets give the 26/11 victims justice and LET’S DEMAND JUSTICE and ACTION for those lives so brutally shattered on 13/7/2011.

This morning as the rain pours , it’s like the heaven’s themselves are weeping over the innocence lost in a city last night… Let’s wipe our tears and kill corruption and terror with one blow. This is the only time ‘killing’ is justified!


13 Comments on “Mumbai can’t keep bouncing back! IT’S NOT A BALL!!!!!!

  1. Divya,

    Your blog reflects the mindset of not only every mumbaikar but all Indians. Every system have its drawbacks and merits… Our system is such a slow low system that needs to be revived after every 10 years… correction is necessity… In gujarat, there was a revival in the system and its viscible… With the kindof population harakiri is there in mumbai, its very difficult to persist n cover with this system… You told to kill the corruption and terror in one blow… Atleast we should be faster in giving responce to terrorists that we are not sleeping.. The mumbai blasts are alarm to government who reacted wildly after 26-11. They are not taking it seriously.. The terrorists have more faith in our system than us…

    Your fan


    • I agree Akshay and I’m tired of feeling frightened and looking over my shoulder! We’re applauding the police who took 45 minutes to get to the site…rather than questioning why ,when the intelligence was there that they allowed this to happen!!! There’s no point in the bomb squads sitting in the affected areas now! The bombs have gone off…lives have been lost and our politicians and cops still have NO answers!

      I feel the silence today, the solemnity of the city and the sheer pain!


  2. I agree with you . It is the high time to take action against terrorism .


    • Thanks Arunjit! i am so totally outraged against the sham excuse of ‘Mumbai Spirit.’ How long can they continue to exploit the man on the street who has NO CHOICE but to go back to work the next day to feed his family!?


  3. Absolutely Divs…

    Very well written…

    The date July 13th 2011 shall just go down in the books as recorded information as just a date for the Mumbai blasts! The only thing Remembered will be the date. Cases shall go on and criminals and corrupt ministers shall be given the highest security ! Citizens? Who cares whether they are injured or dead? No one is or will ever be bothered. Guess each citizen should gear up defend themselves.!

    I think the Indian government has adopted Kasab. They are keeping him alive at a whopping cost, feeding him and will raise him as the adorable son.

    They will never hang him. Instead they will celebrate with him and make sure his Hanging turns to a Hangover.

    So true we can’t keep Bouncing Back…It’s certainly not a Ball !

    Cy !


    • Thanks Cy!

      Fed up of the excuses and cowardice of the government! It’s time for some answers–let them stand up and be counted. let them take responsibility instead of hiding in their cushy jobs and expensive penthouses! Stop applauding the ‘spirit of mumbai.’ We can have SPIRIT WITHOUT BOMBS!


  4. Hi Divya, thank you for your post. It gave me chills to read it. The pain and fury of an entire city is being ignored. Enough with the Gandhi-ism. We need a Subhash Chandra Bose.


    • I agree Meghana. We need answers. Gandhi was quiet but NEVER a COWARD! Our politicians and cops hide behind the strength of a city and it’s resilience to fight back. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


  5. Absoluterly agree. Someone must be accountable. If it an be contained in the states, why not here?


    • I agree- Arun and feel free to tell me on the new blog- what you want that will make you safer!


  6. The whole goes on was wrong, but as today Mumbai was on the track again is good but has given a question that are the people are habitual of these blast because over a decade there are most than a dozen of blast have been and to the authorities they do the searching was responsible and few time later it will remember that a blast was on the day 13 July for who died and nothing is done to stop…….
    So being a common person just rise up because these blast can’t be done by those bastered without our help, rise for the victims…………


    • I agree Ghanishtha! I have written the new blog on trying to demand/ stand up for our rights and what we want…please also put down anything you think will make a difference!


  7. Oh my goodness! Awesome article dude! Thank you so much, However I am having troubles with your RSS. I don’t know why I cannot subscribe to it. Is there anybody having similar RSS issues? Anyone who knows the answer can you kindly respond? Thanks!!


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