What happened on the 13th of July 2011 was unforgivable and I wrote about it! the responses and calls I got were overwhelming…it seemed like alot of us felt this way. Someone from the BBC called last night and asked me a very pertinent question- what do I want? Well I though I could list a few things that would make me feel safer and I’m all for more suggestions, more opinions and more wants!

  1. I  want somebody to be the face to take the onus of what has happened and to spearhead a change! Instead of politicians hiding behind their money-minting portfolios and the bullet proof car windows- I want someone to say- ” Hi! I am in charge and I will do my best to personally ensure this NEVER happens again and the perpetrators are brought to justice!!!
  2. I want someone from the government to NOT HAVE TO READ FROM A SHEET OF PAPER TO TELL YOU HOW OUTRAGED THEY ARE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!! You don’t need to read about how angry you are! You NEED TO FEEL IT!!!!!! I wantt our Prime Minister and President to speak to their citizens! I want to not hear that they are outraged in small print under an actual news report! THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT PUT THEM IN POWER!
  3. Someone from the government must be on the news minutes after the attacks to keep the calm and give us the CORRECT INFORMATION! I heard of 2 attacks, 3 attacks, 4 …new bomb sites and even more disturbing news till almost 120 minutes later we got official news from the Home ministry!
  4. Stop going on television an telling people not to indulge in rumour mongering- tell them how many blasts have happened, where, how many are dead and where the injured are at- GIVE THEM THE FACTS!
  5. don’t say its our fault cos we elected these leaders- we’re not really given a choice! There’s criminals, murderers and cheats on our ballot polls. Its almost a joke that if you haven’t shot, killed, raped or looted someone you can’t get into politics! CRIMINALS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE IN OFFICE- NO MATTER WHAT THE CRIME!
  6. WE MUST be ALLOWED to use our NO VOTE OPTION and the candidates MUSTN’T BE ALLOWED TO RE-STAND for election!
  7. Instead of using 4 sets of cars per politician for security purposes- we should use the money to secure our cities!!! After all- the politicians will live but the way the attacks are progressing, sometimes it’s doubtful they’ll have any alive in the constituencies they represent!
  8. Instead of making promises just during election, government officials must have a monthly/ tri-monthly report card to see what they’ve done!
  10. Stop having VIP Visits in hospital just for the show and PR!!! We needed you to save our innocent victims, not to console them with empty promises and thoughtless words! it makes for great PR! BUT THIS IS JUST NOT THE TIME!
  11. Instead of cops skulking around corners to catch the one car that broke a light so they can make money of bribes- we want them to dismantle illegal parking places like the one at Zaveri Bazaar!
  12. If you have the Intelligence that the city is under threat- DEPLOY COPS— ITS BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN DEAD!
  13. Stop worrying about losing votes- worry about saving lives!
  14. STOP THE COWARDICE- 1500 RAPES, 1 BROAD DAY LIGHT MURDER & 3 TERRORIST ATTACKS IN 2 1/2 MONTHS!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY! MAYBE our cops and politicians need to stop bending over backwards to keep the moneyed terrorists and vote banks happy! we need to take a stand and punish the guilty!If the men at the helm our cowards- our city had no chance!
  15. GIVE US JUSTICE AFTER THE KASAB TRIAL. WE MIGHT BE DEMOCRATIC- but do we need to be IDIOTIC!??People have suffered. Hundreds have testified. Many died! We have the proof and yet we let him stay in our jails, eat our food, and cost our tax payers CRORES OF RUPEES! USE THAT MONEY TO PROTECT OUR CITY instead of PROTECTING YOUR IMAGE IN FRONT OF TERROR GROUPS!!!
We’re a country who works to ensure that the evil get a fair trial but many of our good don’t get a fair life and sometimes don’t even get a fair death!
i want to stop looking over my shoulder. i want start feeling safe. this is my home and if i’m not safe here, how is that fair? Mumbai is like a war zone…except we don’t fight back and we keep getting killed! It’s time for Delhi, our government, politicians and cops to take charge and KEEP US SAFE!


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