We’re a tinder box waiting to explode… Life today has become so increasingly stressful , it barely takes a moment for the world to collapse around us.

This week was all about the Citizenship Amendment Act and the violence that ensued. And as much as the violence was terrifying , what was even more scary was how we were able to attack with minimal knowledge and even less understanding. Now in no way am I claiming that the worries are unfounded or trivial; all I am saying is that in most people chose a side without any idea of what the Act was about. They followed like flock and like flock , mob mentality ensued. Violence always begets more violence and buses were burnt, innocent people were hurt and the country burned.

I completely support peaceful protests and debates as that is the very fabric of democracy but I do believe that we must completely understand what our beliefs are and not just be swayed by sensational rumors.

Along with this, I got another MS attack and faced Trigeminal Neuralgia, a nerve pain in the face so intense you can’t speak, eat or even concentrate because of the pain. It was terrifying. It happened because like the world, we too have become tinder boxes. With year end stresses mounting up, it just took one minor issue for my Multiple sclerosis to kick in and shut me down.

That’s when I realised, the stress that I was facing was because of incomplete information and my body started a fire… The stress the country was facing was also because we didn’t have the full information.

I was forced to take a back seat with a swollen face and painful nerves and wait to get the full information so I could deal with it in a calm manner. Along with that I also found a video that explained the Act. The video explained it simply and devoid of emotion. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and following the mob blindly is simply foolish.

Have an opinion- but understand what you have an opinion about.

I had to stop stressing by force. More often than not, your body isn’t like mine… it doesn’t revolt to stress. But it should. You should know how much your insides are burning before you hurt yourself with something more serious.

P.s. (Palat says)-: Stress kills but then again so does ignorance.Let’s make a new year resolution to try and eliminate both!

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