Those who know me know I believe strongly in numerology… numbers- the ones I like and especially the ones I don’t like help me make choices between access cards to offices, square footage of my office and even hotel room numbers. But in life, even if all the numbers align; sometimes you have great luck and some times not so great. As a number ‘9’, I usually am supposed to have super high highs and very low lows and this was true of me a lot of the time. Call it me being ‘over dramatic’ like the sign in my room says- ‘Drama Queen,’ or just over-emotional… I was always having the worst day ever or the best day ever. I either loved or hated and couldn’t manage the mid point at all.

Now over the years…(and NO I HAVE NOT BECOME OLD), I just realised something truly important- 4 words- THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

With this I realised the best day and most amazing news would also pass tomorrow and the ‘worst day’ of my life would also move over and be yesterday’s news.

And some times , more often than not, just saying this aloud makes the busiest week less tiring and the longest days more bearable. It also makes me appreciate the nicest of days knowing that it will also pass and I should truly live in the moment and relish it.

The sun will still come out tomorrow, the world will still keep spinning and everything that’s in between will keep passing. The only thing constant is change and that’s all we can depend on!

P.s.(Palat says)-: I miss the madness some times of over reacting… but I don’t miss the blood pressure! 🙂

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