It was a world where all you had to beat was yourself…and then for those especially over-competitive souls , you had to beat your sibling or your neighbour and have the better car, the bigger house, the more glamorous vacation or be the first to marry!

And then came social networks and filters and suddenly you stopped competing or comparing your life to the 5 people you did know but now suddenly to the hundreds you didn’t!

They had the more interesting evenings, the better looking spouses , the more amazing vacations and even the more talented kids! They were ‘checking-in’ to more glamorous places, eating the most delicious food at the most expensive restaurant in the city or even luckier ,they were vacationing in far cooler cities ‘just for the weekend!’

And what you forgot was that under all the filters and the check-ins were normal, equally insecure people and like you, they too were probably comparing themselves to someone else, or maybe to you , even , and were not living up!

Maybe they were as insecure about your early night-ins because they didn’t have someone to come home to. Or were jealous of the fact that you were smiling for no reason at all… because they missed being carefree…

Maybe they’d have traded in portions of their lives to be exactly where you are now.

Happiness has always been the ultimate quest…. but lets get there our way instead of trying to run someone elses’ race for them!




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