Disclaimer-: Sorry for the self absorbed , soppy post…I needed to write and needed to vent and needed to process…this is my personal diary and my outlet for me to remember what happens in my life- good or bad!

All is fine. And all else will be… I’m positive.


I cry when you disregard my opinions or walk past me pretending I don’t exist.

I cry when you are rude to me and you didn’t even know it…because that’s how self absorbed you are.

I cry when I’m so tired but need to go on and on and on without a complaint.

I cry when I’m being forced in to a corner with nowhere to escape.

I cry when I’m so scared , I’ve dried up inside.

I cry when I hear of rape and pain and injustice and people who died.

I cry when I hear of the submariners who died…alone in the cold of the night.

I cry when I am diagnosed with something so scary and can’t even process the fear…

I cry. I cry. I cry.

All silent tears.

And yet when you meet me…I smile… because that’s who I am.

6 Comments on “Silent Tears

  1. Divya have known u..for a quite sometime..and i know your are a fighter and always get through the most difficult time in your life..you will be through this also…I know the fighting Divya..Take care…


    • Thank you Koks…. I love you very, very much!
      Do drop by when you get a chance…and come and see ‘The Verdict’…our take on the Indian judicial system… if it becomes a pro-jury system


  2. Everything is going to be alright. I trust the Universe. It has the best stored for you ahead 🙂 Lots of Love 🙂


  3. No tears for the brave! And you’re the bravest! And You smile because you’re awesome! And that you’re gonna be getting only more and more awesome!


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