The drama of 2020 was due a cinematic horror film release…. Last year none of us would have even fathomed the destruction, the death or the depression that 2020 brought in plentiful.

It was an odd year to say the least…We learnt a lot… and most of us will definitely admit that. Whether these were lessons we wanted to learn or not… they were taught to us and we had little choice but to comply.

This year taught us self reliance. To be alone with ones self and more importantly with ones’ demons was something we had to learn. This required denial, negotiation and eventually acceptance and we had to learn to be ok with who we are…faults, flaws and all.

2020 taught us the importance of family and friends… when we were alone.. it allowed us to learn how to lean…For a person who always believed I was all I needed… I realised I needed a village… Thank you to my Family , Neelima, Gaurav , Ankita, Sachin, Puja , Ahmad, Nosh, Yusuf, Amit, Shalinie, Amar, Natasha, Deepak, Shalini, Sid, Eika, Aashni, Gautam, Minal, Nam and Ronak and all those who put up with me and celebrated the unimportant moments of 2020 and still made them super special.

I learned to give.In my small , silly way and by feeding all the animals I could find, I learned how important it was for me to give. Aditya and I fed dogs, cats and crows and looked after all those we could and in turn we were blessed with unimaginable love and puppy kisses…

2020 taught honesty. In it’s harshest, most scary, most naked form- wee learned honesty. But most importantly , we learned people could take it, not judge you for it and you weren’t looked as weaker, sadder or less because of it.

We learned kindness… kindness towards others but most importantly towards ourselves!

We also learned gratitude. Aditya and I got back to office June 1st and since then every day we’ve been at work , we have felt lucky , felt proud, felt special.

2020 has brought us 2 of our greatest quarters ever but that has required a true mindset change. This change was necessary, I’m sure; but may be we should try and not wait for a pandemic to make or feel a change in our lives!

It gave us clean roads and clean air but we had to wear masks to move around… It was almost symbolic of the fact that we have been given so much goodness but it took a pandemic for us to realise its’ importance.

It made the world smaller but disallowed travel anywhere.

It terrified us , scared us, but taught us… my 2021 hope is to learn with open eyes but without fear. To try and see and be grateful- grateful for each moment, for every friend, for every experience and for every trip,

My year ended with steroid injections – fitting for a year that passed… but I know it’s only to make me stronger, wiser and more grateful!

Where 2020 brought us fear, I hope 2021 brings us joy and kindness. Let’s make it an incredible 2021.

P.s. (Palat says)-: Happy new year… let’s be a new improved 2.0 version of each of ourselves the next year!

3 Comments on “Let there be light…

  1. wISHING

    mUM dAD aDI & dEE

    lOTS & lOTS & lOTS & lOTS


    & @ bLESSED 2021 jOURNEY


    bRO : h …


  2. Yup Let’s make 2021 an incredibly beautiful year – a year full of joy, laughter, and good health! 💖


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