And like several, I’m sure , I suffered through dramatic mood shifts during the lockdown. From taking the moment in and just trying to understand the enormity of the situation, to missing freedoms that I never even knew I needed so much.

And even as the world around us seemed falling apart and staying at home seemed most important- it did seem like we are all stuck in our own version of the ‘Big Brother/ Big Boss’ household. The characters we are stuck with , seem equally interesting/ annoying and we’re all seeing sides come out that hadn’t for a while. My OCD is on overdrive and the nerdy me that I left behind years ago, seems to be out and about again!

And that’s when I realised – we all have our new #LockDownPersonas ! There are the #MiniMasterChefs that have cropped up- showing and sharing ridiculously delectable recipes and photographs making you wonder a) where they get all this incredible produce when you’ve run out of lemon and b) who’s cleaning the kitchen after!?

There are the #OCDMonicaGellers who like me are learning a new skill, doing exams for no reason at all and need everything put in a particular place and in a particular way! They drive themselves and all those around them mad… don’t believe me – ask the husband!

There are the #Vacationers for whom this is a time to bond with their spouses, share their kids with their spouses, take afternoon naps and wake up late! These are usually the ones who have help or staff at home and they’re in no stress or need to go back to the real world cos this one is sooooo much better!

Then there are the #Scaredys who worry about every forward and tremble at the slightest change that happens around them. They haven’t moved and have no plans to- ever!

And there are the #Saviours- self proclaimed– who head WhatsApp groups and proudly claim to be know-it-alls. They enjoy their God like complex and ask for nothing but non-stop praise and gratitude.

The only difference between us and BB is that there you have no/ little contact with the outside world- here we have fake WhatsApp forwards, newscasters ready to scare every one just to gain higher ratings and of course the neighbourhood watch dogs and society heads who are enjoying their status upgrade because of the sudden rush of fear. They now are relishing the power and are happy to give you all the gossip, ‘magic cures’ and even create new rules, laws and tenets that you must obey! They are the #KimJongUns of the neighbourhood who credit themselves by being the final voice. No one around them has a brain or ounce of smarts. They are the rule makers, the deciders in their mini kingdom and all must obey!

And that’s where the problems crop up because unlike in Big Boss , you can’t really get out!

We’re all meeting our new personas and the new personas of those we call neighbours. And though we’re learning so much about ourselves, I know that I’ll be making friends with a few of my new personas… and leaving a few people who became #Saviours and #KimJongUns far far far behind!

P.s. (Palat says)-: It’s going to be a new world out there. We’re going to have to start appreciating cleanliness and personal space. We’re going to start having to value people and relationships. We’re going to have to start respecting freedom and nature. We’re going to have to change. We’re going to have to be better.

I’ve shared my #LockDownPersonas… what’re yours!?

lockdown stencil print on the grunge white brick wall

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