And so the lockdown intensified… if that’s even a thing and basic veggies, deliveries , medicine too were halted despite assurances that they would not be stopped! The freedoms that we took for granted are now luxuries that can scarce be afforded, even if available!

And honestly it’s scary. It’s wonderful to have announcements and notices printed about how stocks are plentiful but scary when you go into a store and can’t get milk, tomatoes or bread! Worse still I’m out of lenses and medication. For food, we’ll improvise and the husband will pretend to enjoy ingredients being mixed together with tons of chillies… but without the meds my immunity will go further down and my blood pressure even higher (I have high blood pressure- surprise surprise!)!

And that’s my #CoronaUpdate!

But here’s the serious worry. As a small business owner, it becomes hard to understand how to fund a future for employees, my company and my family in times like these. And don’t get me wrong- I know it’s privileged to be able to run a company and have a family and employees but with taxes not reducing or being waived, rents not being pushed/ being waived and no foreseeable plan of any relief, it is going to be a very different world post the virus.

Companies, even the biggest and best are going to have to make employee cutbacks and that will affect thousands. With the economy crashing, it’s a matter of time for businesses to make hard choices and harder decisions. It would help if we got some relief on taxes…to allow us to stay afloat- less productive , but afloat. Ours has always been a country of entrepreneurs and small business owners and we need to protect that.

This attack will come and go but crores of futures will change… It is important that everyone gets a fighting chance to bounce back. That way the virus can take away our freedom for a while but not our livelihood forever.

P.s. (Palat says)-: It’s a time to stand united and strong and positive. So here’s a shout out to the Skype creators and Zoom creators… You allow me to still stay connected and see my niece smile and dance.. and that is precious!

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