Warning-: Mushy post ahead!

Everything in my life is always a production! Whether it was studying for exams, throwing parties or even something as boring as an offsite… I am very dramatic! Needless to say then , that I am the perfect ‘Hallmark Target.’ In fact I created days that they’d have loved to have known about if only to capture my business… and this weekend heralds one very special day- my ‘Dating Anniversary.’

Now I get that this is not really a much-celebrated event for several couples and some may even have forgotten the date… but I for one do not!

I also expect it to be grand and amazing and ridiculous and a surprise!

Yes, Aditya is truly married to a nut case! But I think I’m worth it! So why the heck not!? But to be fair… he does put up with a few more quirks… so here’s my tribute to my person… and a personal tribute to me!

Whereas Aditya enjoys the luxury of travel with just a beer, I enjoy it differently! I am the person, who’ll cry on Charles Bridge in the middle of Prague… just to enjoy the drama of the scenery.

He sleeps early but I am also the person who will stay up all night to solve a math problem, just cos I can’t let that go and because we must be a team.. I keep him awake too!

I watch every reality soppy show that is made… and all the ‘Bachelors (Paradise included) and cry over every sad scene…(sometimes in anticipation!) And force Aditya to watch the soppy ,’staged’ proposals every single time…! Yes punishment can be achieved by making men watch reality shows!

Whereas I am loud and often far too truthful, Aditya is polite and careful and ‘politically correct.’

He’s my yin to my yang… but we work!

What I have in stamina, he has in speed. What I have in tolerance , he has in strength. My craziness combats his ps3/ ps4 or whatever that’s called. My drama combats his happy zen! My crazy love for puppies has changed him to the ‘baby bro’ to his Magic (our pup!). He knows how to cheer me up in a second and annoy me equally quickly! And I think I’ve got the same licked too! I am night and he is day and together we complete us! We’re corny, soppy and a perfect Hallmark card except when we’re not! Catch us playing monopoly or any game and you’ll see us at our worst and most competitive! We love a good game and love a great trip!

And we love silly, soppy, made-up anniversary’s! So #HappyDatingAnniversary Babe! And yes people it is a thing!

P.s. (Palat says)-: 22 years of friendship, 19 years of dating, 14 years of marriage… ooof dude… it’s been a while!

4 Comments on “Happy Dating Anniversary…

  1. :

    hari om

    my sis iz

    wrldlz bst sis


    adi n di



    n wil alwyz b d bestest of d bst

    nce lord jhulelal & om shirdi sai

    blessingz alwyz


    one million one teddies +

    limitless blessingz …

    sai ram … h …




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