The husband complained more than a few times of my accurate description of his grunts and TV watching style. This amused me thoroughly and when I asked whether I should photograph him as proof or use his name in the blog- he grunted his approval while staring at his phone screen!

Conclusion-: He (Aditya) can stare at a phone screen at all times… it’s not just limited to when he watches TV

The rest of the day needed spicing up… and so I engaged in my favourite pastime – deciding where I should travel next to- my personal window shopping exercise… I have realised whether or not I go to all these places; I will be prepared. So if tomorrow, the opportunity arose to go anywhere from New Zealand to Russia to the South of France or even Hawaii, I’d have ready hotels, itineraries and even my choice of airlines all sorted!

This was easily the best way to spend lunch…especially with the new diet offering a new speciality of depressing food ! Before I knew it food was gone and Trip no. 34,563 was planned!

Each day can be so terribly long or unexciting, I have realised that every day it’s important to do something new- something that makes your day a lot of fun, even if it’s just for a few minutes or so- just so that yesterday is not the same as today which won’t be the same as tomorrow. A small ‘brain/heart indulgence’ always makes the day a little bit special. And we could all use a bit of special in our lives!

I used to use this on a Blog I wrote for Times of India and so I’m gonna start over now!

P.s. (Palat says) Find something that makes every day fun- that way every day is worth remembering!

find your fun hand written lettering inscription to poster, banner, printable wall art or overly photography, calligraphy vector illustration

2 Comments on “Find your Fun

  1. Lovely. I agree. Travel is great fun especiallty if there are some castles and palaces to explore


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