The growth of twitter and facebook and social networking in general have spawned a new breed of individuals- the HATERS. They are not experts in a discipline. They are not people wanting to critique or learn or create. They just want to destroy, hurt, hate. The hurtful comments are re-tweeted and commented upon by other haters and before you know it opinions are formed by misinformed nobodies whose only claim to fame is that they hate.

This is why I believe FaceBook has a like button because it allows you to ‘LIKE’ something or someone. It fuels a small amount of positivity and I think that’s absolutely fabulous. A smile is better than a frown. A like is better than  a sarcastic comment and a little bit of encouragement goes a long way!

I know that most haters are fueled by the fact that they are blocked or abused by the people they ‘hate’ but I think sometimes that this just spurs them on! Instead of word-wars with these Haters, ignore them! Sure , the comments sting sometimes and their lack of knowledge, information and even common decency is hurtful.

But maybe let’s just take a second and look at the rude  comment and take it as a compliment. You are important enough for someone to hate you. Surely that’s something? In a world of 7 billion people where each life is as important and every minute counts someone is wasting precious time on hating you or pretending to! Instead of the Haters bringing you down , take a moment and realise that someone thinks you’re important enough to spend time over. If imitation is the best form of flattery; in today’s times ‘hate’ is the newest form of respect!

They may love you, hate you- but don’t let them ignore you!



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