1. A feeling of calm….Love makes you feel content not hyper. It calms you. Love is not control. You cannot use love to control someone nor must you let them use love to control you
  2. Hard…It’s work and it’s work that has to be done every day. It needs to be oiled like a machine or a car. It needs to be freshened up. It needs to be looked after. Just the way you look after your favourite possession or even yourself…you must look after love else like a plant without water it will die too.
  3. Laughter… Laughing with someone you love ad enjoying fun filled moments is what love is all about. Love is not about making fun of another person or laughing AT them…it’s about laughing WITH!
  4. Learning…Learning together and learning more about the one you love is what love’s about…If you have all the answers- you’ll soon lose interest.
  5. Fighting…Fighting for things you believe in and fighting to prove who you are is what love is all about and learning to grow stronger from the fights -that’s what makes a great relationship! Fighting for each other is incredible and empowering. Fighting with your fists however is NOT love. It’s cowardice and weak. And love is neither cowardly or weak.
  6. Listening even when nothing is said. It’s learning to be in the moment , to care about someone besides yourself, to hear them even when they say that they have nothing to say. Love is intuitive and thoughtful. Love is not selfish.
  7. Painful…like a quick prick of an inoculation needle. It hurts, it feels, it pains, it heals! It is wonderful and dramatic and calm and thoughtful. It is a medley of contradictions. The pain happens because you feel so much for a person but the pain must go and from that a stronger understanding of the person must arise…else it isn’t love….it’s just pain!
  8. Not red roses all the time. Sometimes it’s sitting doing nothing. Sometimes it’s hospital visits and tears and sometimes it’s just about space. Love is possessive but it’s not a stalker!
  9. Strength. Love gives you the strength to be all that you want to be, gives you the faith where you had none and gives you the power to believe! Love is strength!
  10. Not a compromise…Love is never a compromise.Love is an addition of things you love. If it’s about subtraction, division and negatives then in the end you will end up feeling cheated and love is not a cheat!


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