So it’s already the fourth month of the year and well nothing’s different from last year…same crap, different day and you feel like life’s just being sucked away- GET UP! GET OUT! MAKE A CHANGE!

Life is not what happens to you….it’s what YOU do to make it HAPPEN!

Discover a new restaurant…like I did this weekend! Cafe Zoe at Mathuradas Mills Compound…! Sure its 2months old (61 days is what I was told) and I should’ve discovered it earlier… but I did it now and that’s what counts! Love love love!

Write a new post or play or film or diary entry! Or a new blog like I did Luxury Travel with Divya

Learn how to cook…even if it’s just one dish!

Learn a new language….or be geekish and brush up of javascript like I’m doing!

And sing like an idol…even if it’s only in the safety of your bathroom or only when your poor pet dog is listening!

Buy flowers!

Make a meeting for work and be as passionate as you possibly can…With passion you can actually feel life again!

Take a chance. Make a friend or reconnect with someone you didn’t think you’d be able to reconnect with!

And stop moping about life cos one life is all we have now and it’s up to us to make it WORK FOR US!


2 Comments on “GET UP! Get yourself out of that rut!

  1. HI Divya…

    u do give me some thinking and inspiration to get my life in order…..!!!!!!


  2. I’m sorry you had such a rough day yesterday Koks! But remember when life gives you a whole heap of crap…you can just walk by it and move on to better and brighter things!

    No point in sitting around smelling/ glaring at the crap! It only makes it SMELL WORSE!


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