1. You can take a day off from work. Your company will not collapse. The world will not end. If it did, you would be God. You are not God.
  2. You don’t need to wait till you have an incurable disease to make a bucket list.Makeone today. A bucket list is not a pre- celebration of death…it should be a celebration of life.
  3. You are not as ugly as this think you are and the love of your life is not as amazing as you the he/ she is! But guess what if they love you too….in their eyes you are equally that amazing to them!
  4. Today may be the best day of your life or the worst….but in a few hours it will be tomorrow…so know that neither pain nor elation are constant. It’s only our attitude and our fears that define us? Don’t be afraid.
  5. Laugh openly and honestly. Cry unashamedly. It’s your life. Live it with feeling.
  6. You have never traveled too much or learnt too much. Life is a journey….Keep traveling. Keep learning.
  7. Expect to be treated by others the way you treat them.
  8. Don’t treat relationships as ‘Optionals’ else soon you’ll remain the ‘optional’ in everyone else’s life.
  9. Grow up but never stop being a child.
  10. Try and mean ‘how are you?’ the next time you say it…instead of just hoping everyone will just say ‘I’m fine.’

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