As every year comes to an end we look forward to a new beginning…not really a new beginning because come monday morning and its just another monday morning except now the new year’s Monday seems to be even scarier than all other Mondays having the ridiculous responsibility of a full year in front of it…! But at the end of the year…we seem to press re-start…All pour dreams that we couldn’t fulfill or make time for now has another whole year to come true….its exciting, romantic and wondrous- the new year and all of its millions of possibilities!

But to give the old year credit…I did learn a few incredible things so here goes!

  1. You can never make enough time for the one/ ones you love because love cannot be measured in time….its value supersedes all…In the end of the day life is not a pay check or home address it’s the laughter and joy of families and friends and i am so very grateful for both!
  2. I have a wanderlust and want to travel everywhere…I always knew I was a wanderer but visiting Athens, Tasmania, the dessert and Udaipur makes me realise it doesn’t matter where…i need to wander, to learn, to breathe!
  3. I have learnt to partially control my bad days….I have bad days on and off because of my nuero illness…Accepting them was hard; going thru them harder. But now I know when to slow down, how to slow down and how to get back up and I am infinitely happier!
  4. I have the power to forgive…who knew!!!? Divya, the hard ass with the unforgiving temper can forgive! Forgiveness for me doesn’t mean I forget….it just means that I can open my heart out to you slowly again…that in itself is a huge step for me! And I’m learning to stop judging people on my harsh Divya scale…that only disappoints and its always nice to have friends. For all you know on their scale you might be failing too!
  5. I have learnt to laugh …full bodied , loud and God that relaxes me!
  6. I have learnt that the only critics you need are also your biggest supporters….please them and you’re doing ok!
  7. I have learnt that when life throws you a curve ball -stop blaming life and get on with the game…If you don’t complain …you’ll move on stronger and win!
  8. I’ve learnt its better to have an opinion than no opinion at all and it’s better to elicit opinions of others–good or bad…because the worst is if people are indifferent…Indifference = lack of caring and I need all the care I can get!
  9. Surprises are always fabulous! So surprise someone today! Make their day!
  10. Nothing makes me happier than a warm cup of coffee …! (hint, hint aditya!)


happy countdown to the new year all!


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