Soooo the last few weeks have been un-blogged and un-talked about cos i wasn’t in town!!! and no…before you say….i could’ve still taken 5 minutes to update my blog…i have an excuse….i quite literally went to heaven…. and to places where there were no televisions forget phone networks!!! and for those of you who think that switching off might be tough and had someone told me this earlier , i would’ve probably changed my trip….i have to say- i made the right choice! i was in heaven. un-connected, un-fettered and free!

kangaroo island (australia…off the coast of adelaide) was the most beautiful place in the world i have ever been to and that’s saying alot cos i love travel and i travel a heck of a lot…but as we arrived to the cottage that masqueraded as an airport and while we drove on the narrow rode richly covered with green trees and bushes on either side. The beauty was stunning …almost like an Agatha Christie book opening where she describes a chauffeur driving her to an ‘old manor,….’ the ground still moist with a mixture of dew and rain!

Far from an old manor….when we arrived to the Southern Ocean Lodge , it was not even remotely old …or a lodge except for the beautiful fireplace in the central lobby. The hotel looked straight out of a James Bond flick! Sheer glass and then an incredible cliff drop! Cliff faces and more sea then the eyes could even see. The cliff overlooked virgin beaches and more incredible forest area!

I felt like dancing. I glanced a quick look at my phone…The usually ominous words of ‘No network’ seemed like music in this calm serenity. The fact that our rooms …also sheer glass front with nothing and nobody outside ( it was a cliff edge) had no television only inspired me to watch the most fabulous television ,I’d ever seen….I looked at nature and marveled at how incredible this glorious island was and it was infinitely more interesting than some of my favourite shows! I felt alive. I felt free. I felt inspired!

This is when I knew I was in heaven.

kangaroo island created 2 scripts off me!I wrote, I dreamt, I slept !

I saw seals in their natural habitat at seal bay–watched a mom suckle her pup and the pup roll over satisfied and happy… i stared at koalas as they tried to camouflage themselves in the foliage to fall asleep. I watched 2 kangaroos playful punching each other and watched wallabies rush across the roads shocked that cars would even think of driving across their terrain!

And most importantly I laughed with Aditya and we talked and we dressed for dinner and we hiked! Without being tied down to communication which in it’s essence is supposed to bring you closer…we became closer!

Sitting across a table eating, laugh , sharing –is alot more satisfying than tweeting ‘i love you!’

4 Comments on “re-communicating in no network and my vacation ;-)

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