so this weekend was the mahesh-lara wedding and so friends and family dutifully trooped to give the couple the best wishes on their newly married life!

the wedding was beautiful… a white wedding ( my first)…i watched with tears in my eyes as they walked down a ramp created at the top of fort aguada for a private ,personal celebration and an exchange of beautifully written vows while members of the audience and the bride brushed away emotional tears….live singing,funny anecdotal messages from parents and friends and very public displays of love by family and friends for an intensely private couple was what the weekend encompassed!

weddings are lovely…if done keeping the couple in mind…i loved mine because everything from what guests ate on the wedding to how the decor was done was chosen by me…. it meant hours sitting with chef oberoi and checking on the flowers on the day of the wedding….but because i did…it was mine …it was perfect and it was personal!

mahesh and lara choreographed their own sangeet …told stories of how they met and argued on who woo’ed who!?!…. a celebration filled with love, laughter and more than a few exchanged private smiles between the bride and groom made for an incredibly fun sangeet….the wedding and reception was also planned by the couple without the 100 wedding planners in sight and was a warm and fun with married couple (like aditya and me) smiling joyously and the singletons dreaming of finding their perfect match like these 2 have…

here’s wishing lara and mahesh- a long and perfect love match!

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