So the joy of having had a neurological illness like ADEM is that my immune system is shot to hell! Now this article will be very bitter and annoyed ….but sometimes it’s just hard to be un-annoyed when my brain and mind wills me on and my body seems to be happy crumbling!

So…. the husband was sick! Now this is good–not that he is sick …but that i get a chance to worry about him, look after him and check whether the temperature is lower or whether he’s inhaled! All was going fine…i got him into bed early, felt I was a very good wife and even tucked in myself!

2 am and I wander into the bathroom only to suddenly realise I’m blacking out…yell for aditya. He effortlessly , even in his sick-state puts me on to the bed where I then proceed to throw up! Considering I hadn’t eater dinner, it was worrying….and so he’s out with all the correct tablets and carefully tucks me in and i go to bed for the second time in the night…now feeling like a very bad wife and a very sick person!

I awaken to aditya looking after himself with haldi-milk and steam and he asks ME how i am feeling….just as I am about to embark on a ‘I’m fine…let’s worry about you…’ conversation(the good wife in me wants to be good!) ; I’m interrupted by a dry cough from my throat and a splitting headache that won’t allow me to open my eyes…

As this article goes up…I am now nauseous and have a cold that won’t quit.

Dearest Aditya…I promise to be with you …in great health and greater health….In any sickness, apparently my body will steal it from you, and create a brand new more annoying version of your sickness…so for that I am sorry!

Cough Cough!

8 Comments on “To be with you…in sickness and in health!

  1. Quite uncomfortable to read all that div.
    I’ll pray to god for your good health.


  2. I saw your promotional ad for Australia recently and remembered your name somehow and chanced upon this. In the past one hour I have practically psycho-stalked your and Aditya’s loe story…I used to love him on Mtv. All I have to say is that you’re the luckiest person in the world to have someone who truly defines the term loving in sickness and in health. Its truly inspiring. God Bless. I hope from now on that a cough is the worst of your troubles! 🙂


    • Dear Saara,

      I agree. Aditya has been incredible with me and for me… He’s a good, good person and I am lucky to be loved! Thank you for taking the time to write in and wish our relationship well…it meant alot!



  3. Hi,

    Saw you in the australia promo. Remembered having seen you somewhere. googled you and here I am. Hope you are doing well. And again lucky to have a hubby like Aditya. Take good care of yourself and your hubby


    • Thank you for writing in….thank you for taking the time!

      Truly appreciate it…



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