It amazes me…the resilience of people or may be it’s just my resilience to keep starting over …I mean you’d think it gets old after a while! You start a blog and then it’s wiped out, start a new one, then you find that one doesn’t work – the marvel of computing and human error and then you start a new web site and start all over again! I mean that’s NOT FUN!


Every time I start over , I get the chance to do it right this time… to make it good, to correct it, to make promises I can keep, to write more regularly and better, to BE BETTER!

That’s kind of my life too…. I realise.

I have started from scratch so many times, I can’t remember how many times I’ve hit the floor. So many times, that I have become a very experience ‘faller’ as someone once told me! I’ve fallen hard, but I’ve managed to stand up and as I have also been told (yes these are real comments) ‘ I’m the neatest faller someone had ever seen! 😉 ‘

I mean …let’s look at this I started  out with theatre, moved to films, found that films was more about the sleeping around and the sleeping with whom and realised that this was not a place for me ( a 17 year old)…. went back to theatre and started Balancing Act Productions. Needed to do more than just act , so started producing and directing…learnt the ropes, fell on my face and learnt to roll, crawl  and walk again! All was going perfectly when bang I fall and get ADEM (Acute Disseminated Encyphomyelitis)-  a single attack of multiple sclerosis and am left side paralyzed, lose my ability to speak, swallow, see and hear on one side and I start over. 37 kgs extra in one month (thanks to steroids fed to me via a tube up my face) and after being in coma for 2 days; I start again…sitting, teaching, creating and working!

And now as Balancing Act Productions moves from stage to television and even to film…it’s like I’m back on the floor learning how to put the bricks up, watching people try and push me down, hurt me, will me to fail , will me to fall down and to them I say-   I’ve fallen down so many times, it’s not starting over any more…it’s RE-INVENTING!

And God! That is FUN! 😉

So…to new beginnings…to joyful first steps and to great successes!

8 Comments on “starting over again…and the other things fun in my life!

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  2. Hi divya…nice to see your re invention….like your post….falling and rising above all of them…i know u r fighter and nothing can put u down…. I hope we get to see IMPS again….missing it..for a long time…and not met u also….


  3. Welcome Back Div!!
    It wud be great to read your blog again…i am really waiting for your future topics.

    i am THE biggest admirer of your strength. i was reading it all in papers when u suffered adem.
    u r the god’s chosen one!!


    • Thank you Jay…thank you for always supporting me…. It’s support like yours that keeps me wanting to do more, achieve more…be more!

      Thank you!


  4. Good one Divya! And from Aditya comment he seems to have got the message(Valentine’s Day coming up) ! Aditya your gift better be EXPENSIVE what with the caring wife (earlier blog on u being sick), the list of favourite things and now this Pre Valentine’s day special there is absolutelyescape ……..


    • Well….thinking he’s got the hint now…but who knows a few more days till V-day and a few more ‘subtle’ hints (read: hits on the head! 😉 ) won’t hurt, na?!


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